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Quad Solutions developed a proprietary search engine marketing strategy to address your specific needs and boost your internet presence and conversion rate.

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Search Engine Optimization

Quad Solutions specialists are Google certified to employ the most efficient search engine optimization strategy for your business.

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Social Media Marketing

At Quad Solutions We focus on the most efficient tools and channels for your business and organically build your social presence and impact.

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Quad Solutions web specialists know what counts and will create the best visual experience and introduction to your business, integrated with your SEO and overall marketing goals.

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About Us

Quad Solutions is a Canadian based global online marketing and digital advertising firm founded in 2012 by a group of Entrepreneurs dedicated to provide successful strategy and implementation of online marketing service for businesses, organizations, and non-profits looking to fully leverage the internet and generate traffic to their organization with offices around the world offering round-the-clock , world class service. We are a Certified Google Partner, Microsoft Bing accredited and a BBB accredited agency.

Quad Solutions proudly serves clients in Canada, Australia, USA, UAE and New Zealand. Our global team of top marketing specialists will help grow your business and get your website noticed through a tailored approach. Our dedicated team and account managers will design a custom-made marketing strategy specifically for your business needs. We are always there when you need us.

Quad Solutions is a leader in the SEO technology; and to get there, we’ve always been using white-hat techniques for both Onsite and Offsite optimization.

At Quad we understand the importance of listening to your customers, Social media is the best method to do it and we know how to get you the most out of it.

Your website is your sales agent online, Quad design websites for the future at the present, it never gets old, and that is how creative it will be.

Marketing is an Art so let us paint your business success with our results driven methodologies and get the peace of mind with QMS team of experts.


Founded in Canada in 2012 by a group online marketing specialists, Quad Solutions has grown into a global company that guarantees first page placement for your website, full range of online marketing services and customized dedication to results you can see.
Unlike many players in the market, we have not stopped growing and we have not stopped innovating.

As a business owner and just like many advertisers, you may not have the time to invest in learning AdWords process and managing your own advertising account 24/7, Hiring professionals can help save you time and also maximize your return on investment. When you hire a Google AdWords Professional Expert you can take advantage of his expertise to generate new business and fully expose your website to all your potential clients, So you get a great AdWords placement but you don’t have to deal with the headache of Keywords Research, Placements, Website Quality score, Ad Rank, Raising daily budget or Outbidding competitors…etc

After you discuss and choose your Pay Per Click package with our experts, We Guarantee to get your ad up and running, fully customized and exposed to your potential clients within maximum 24-48 hours, Once your ad goes live, you’re entitled to be on the first page of google for as long as you’re our client.

The reason why Quad Marketing Solutions is so different than some of the other online advertising firms, Because our experts measure and analyze your existing site before we run your Adwords campaign. Also we follow through by keeping track of your ad’s performance and tune it with Planning, Strategy and Ongoing Optimization of your Keywords and See exactly what’s working in your ad, and build on it so its always productive, We will send you monthly performance reports to make it easier for you to evaluate the ad’s ROI.

The dedicated Account Manager we’re going to assign to your account that will be happy to assist you at anytime to apply the changes you ask for also suggest what changes may reflect the best impact on your bottom line and maximize your success
Remember, Good account organization by creating well-structured campaigns helps make changes quickly, target your ads effectively, and Ultimately, reach your advertising goals.

Adwords is a great tool to increase business, sign-ups and overall exposure for your company. However, your chances of success depend greatly on building upon a good foundation Now, the beauty of what we do is that our packages include the advantages of a normal adwords campaign and at the same time it eliminates the risks of losing your placement at some point due to budget consumption.

Although this is very unlikely to happen, With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee We’re definitely going to reimburse you the total downtime you might have at the end of your term, Considering the fact that you have a dedicated expert keeping an eye on your ad and making sure the placements are always stable.

Quality Score refers to a method of evaluating Pay Per Click ads, an estimate of how relevant your ads, landing page and keywords are to a person seeing your ad. Having a High Quality Score means that the search engine systems think your ad, landing page and Keywords are all relevant and useful to customers looking at your ad. Having a Low Quality Score, on the other hand, means that your ads, keywords, and landing page probably aren’t as relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad, When running Pay Per Click each ad is evaluated based on the both the bid and the quality score. This is one of the main reasons why hire PPC experts to constantly adjust your bids, in order to create the best relationship with your quality score as possible, The main goal is to help an ad to be ranked in a position that will result in the highest conversions.

Adwords is great for anyone who wants to drive traffic to a website, including, but not limited to:

  • Business Owners.
  • Home Businesses.
  • Large Corporations.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Ecommerce Sites.
  • Affiliate Marketers.
  • Online Businesses.
  • Small Local Businesses.
  • Non-Profit Organizations.
  • MLMs.

Why Quad Solutions

  • Dedicated Quad Solutions team will save you time, maximize your return on investment, and boost your website visibility to reach all your potential clients worldwide.

  • Our goal is to amplify your business via a selection of proven tools such as Google Adwords, SEO, Google Local Maps, creative website design and social media marketing tailored specifically to your business needs.

  • We are passionate about what we do and are here to make your business reach its full potential through:

    • PPC Management
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media
    • Local Maps Placements
    • Website Development
    • Full Business Solution

We're Proud To Be A Google AdWords™
Premier SMB Partner

  • The Premier Partner program only includes hand-picked agencies
  • We meet Google’s most stringent eligibility and training requirements
  • Benefit from our proven AdWords expertise, like thousands of other SMBs

"From being one of the fastest growing companies in the country to being one of Google’s premier agencies, we’re proud to be among the most recognized and awarded companies in our field."

- Danny Hart Chief Operations Officer

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