Landing Pages

Did you ask yourself how much time does it take for your website visitors to figure out what you are offering? If it’s not immediate, then you should be doing better with your website. As a business you always look for leads and visitor’s normal behavior is they don't buy what they don't understand. It’s like asking them to figure it out for themselves and find what you were trying to show them. They arrive and spend a couple seconds before giving up and hitting their back button to move on to your competitor.

Clarity is the key to captivate an audience and get them to make a much easier and faster decision.
  • The landing page headline and advertisement wording should compliment each other.
  • Your Adwords score allows a site to decrease the cost-per-clicks. This score can be improved by having consistent content between the ad message and landing age text
  • Being one of the first things a visitor will read, the landing age headlines should not confuse or bore but compel a visitor to take a closer look.
  • Addressing a specific point that is related to the content of the website will catch a reader's attention more than having a vague and uninteresting headline.
  • Links connecting the user to too many other sites or pages will distract them and have a negative impact on conversions.
  • Losts of links may make sense on a regular homepage, but on a landing page simlicity is key.
  • Impeccable Grammer, in the example of an online retailer who is asking for visitors to purchase and provide personal and billing information, the trust of the customer will be risked if there are spelling errors and sloppy grammer.
  • Identify the keywords people interested in your service might be searching for and use words such as "free", "new", "buy" or "download now"
  • A conversion button should stand out and be placed right below call-to-action or have the call to action as button.
  • Use A Strong Call To Action, after a visitor reads the landing page headline, it is crucial that they know what to do next.
  • Use Images And Videos That Relate To Copy, implementing motivitional speeches, videos of user testmonials, and product images into a home page can have a positive impact on viewers, as well as give shoppers an extra push to look further into a product.
  • For and effective way of building trust, incorporate testimonials, press mentions, guarantee seals, and 3rd party trust and security certification(Better Business Bureau, VeriSign, etc.)
  • The Space a visitor sees without having to scroll is where the most important parts of the webpage should be.

Landing pages is designed to increase conversion from being a visitor into actual lead; these pages engage your potential customers and provoke a desired action based on your needs such as sales, registrations, sign-ups, etc.

We create landing pages to speak to your visitors and make it an easier decision for them to make.
Simply, landing pages will be your customized sales pitch online.